Telemedicine at Bascom Palmer Eye Institute

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Ranya Habash, M.D., ophthalmologist, and medical director for technology innovation at Bascom Palmer Eye Institute, discusses how new developments in telemedicine are making eye care safer and more efficient for patients.


Narrator: Focusing on you, innovations in modern medicine from your team of eye experts at Bascom Palmer Eye Institute.

Pam Giganti: A new age in eyecare has arrived at Bascom Palmer Eye Institute, the nation’s number one eye hospital. Now doctors are treating patients through a combination of virtual and in-person visits.

Dr. Ranya Habash: This is super-advanced creative telemedicine. It allows Bascom Palmer specialists to help patients from anywhere in the world.

Pam Giganti: Dr. Ranya Habash is part of the medical team for 12-year-old Chloe Shapiro after performing her recent eye surgery. Dr. Habash remotely observed Chloe’s clinic checkup by using a video slit lamp.

Dr. Ranya Habash: So it snaps into place just on a smartphone. You start the Zoom call, you do a screen share, and the person on the other end can watch the entire exam. Patient comes in, they have very limited directed testing that’s expedited, and then they can go home right afterwards. So we’re limiting their potential exposure in the facility.

Pam Giganti: In just one sitting Chloe consulted with two of her doctors, a process that would normally require multiple visits.

Chloe Shapiro: That’s why I also like this whole telehealth, like the online appointments, because it’s very useful in that sense. Like in three hours, I got two appointments done.

Pam Giganti: Patients like Chloe can also use Bascom Palmer’s virtual urgent care and second opinion virtual consults, all without leaving the comfort of their own homes.

Dr. Ranya Habash: Telemedicine has been super useful for us during difficult times like this. It’s also an opportunity for us to grow the practice of medicine in a more evolved way. So I’m really proud of Bascom Palmer for that.

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