A Small Scar, a Big Smile, and a Positive Outcome After Thyroid Cancer Surgery

1 min read  |  March 14, 2019  | 

“I actually found a breast lump,” says patient Yelaine Garcia.  “That’s how it all started.”

Luckily, her doctor suggested they check her thyroid.

When an ultrasound revealed multiple growths in Yelaine’s neck, she had no idea what a thyroid cancer diagnosis would mean for her health, her lifestyle, and her future.

The primary treatment for thyroid cancer is surgical removal of the malignant mass. As the surgery scar fades, “six months down the line, a year down the line, it’s like you forget about it. I think that’s going to be the same for her,” says Dr. Josefina Farra, an endocrine surgeon at Sylvester Comprehensive Cancer Center.

“Can you be cured of this? The answer is yes,” says Dr. Farra.

“She is cured of this at this point.”

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