Meet UHealth’s New Chief of Cardiovascular Medicine

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Yiannis Chatzizisis, M.D., Ph.D., a world-renowned interventional and imaging cardiologist, has been named UHealth’s Chief of Cardiovascular Medicine.

Interventional Cardiologist Brings Digital Medicine to Better Personalize Patient Care

The University of Miami Health System’s premier Division of Cardiology is soaring into the future of cardiac care under the leadership of Dr. Yiannis Chatzizisis – UHealth’s New Chief of Cardiovascular Medicine.

“I feel excited for being part of this amazing family of physicians and staff and fellows,” says Yiannis Chatzizisis, M.D., Ph.D.

This world-renowned interventional and imaging cardiologist plans to bring innovative therapies through digital medicine and the new Computational Cardiovascular Simulations Center.

“That center, in a nutshell, has the mission to transform cardiovascular interventions worldwide through personalized computational approaches. Which at the end of the day helps us, as physicians in our hospital system, provide more precise, more accurate diagnosis, faster diagnosis of heart conditions,” Dr. Chatzizisis says.

UHealth’s commitment to world-class cardiac care is being realized with new digital technology using A.I., simulations, and virtual reality for better personalized patient care.

“We do have already preliminary results showing that using simulations, we can guide procedures in stents, also in surgery,” says Dr. Chatzizisis.

The goal is to focus on precision medicine as well as preventative care.

“A division that will be a hub of the latest technologies and a hub of innovation excellence,” Dr. Chatzizisis says.

Video transcript compiled by Janna Ross for ‘Focusing on You: Innovations in Modern Medicine,’ a series of healthcare-related stories airing regularly on WPLG Local 10.  For more stories like this one, visit UHealth’s YouTube channel.

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