Focusing on You: When it Comes to Weight Loss, Age Is Just a Number

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Multidisciplinary Approach Gives Patients Tools They Need to Lose Weight

Successful businessman Agustin Arellano was looking forward to more family time but wanted to get fit and feel better.

“I had gained some weight in the last two or three years,” says Agustin.

Agustin was referred to gastroenterologist Michelle Pearlman, M.D., who specializes in weight management and nutrition at the University of Miami Health System.

Meet Agustin Arellano

“Why are you here? Is it because you want to live your best life? Do you want to improve your migraines? Do you want to improve your sleep apnea and get better quality of sleep so you’re more energetic during the day?” Dr. Pearlman asks.

Dr. Pearlman says when it comes to weight loss, age is just a number.

“I think a lot of times these patients think, well, I’m 75. What can I do now to reverse the damage that was done? It is truly never too late to make better choices,” says Dr. Pearlman.

Agustin wanted to improve his golf game and keep up with his grandkids. Dr. Pearlman reduced hidden sugars and salt from his diet.

“Trying to eliminate the added sugars, whether it’s in beverages or food items, is really the key to start with,” Dr. Pearlman says.

UHealth’s multidisciplinary approach offers patients a personalized treatment plan.

“We also have registered dieticians, a social worker who can offer cognitive behavioral therapy, and hypnosis,” says Dr. Pearlman.

Agustin reached his goal and lost 30 pounds.

“How has losing the weight made you feel?” asks host Pam Giganti.

“I felt better. I was less tired when I played. There’s no age limit on this,” Agustin says.

Learn more about UHealth’s weight loss and weight management services.

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