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Does your hair get frizzy, damaged and unmanageable — or even turn green — when it’s hot and humid? This summer, while enjoying your time at the beach and pool, you can make a few changes to your haircare routine to keep your locks feeling soft and looking healthy all season.

“You need to protect both your scalp and hair from the sun’s damaging UV rays,” says Antonella Tosti, M.D., a dermatologist and haircare expert with the University of Miami Health System. “Scalp exposure can cause hair loss, and hair exposure can cause hair damage and breakage.” 

Did you know there’s sunscreen for the hair?

There are a few haircare products, including pre-sun mists, that contain sunscreens to protect the hair shaft.

“Some conditioners and hair styling products contain UV filters, which are recommended during the summer,” Dr. Tosti says. “Antioxidants can also be helpful, and I recommend products containing the plant Polypodium leucotomos.

“But, wearing a hat remains the best option to protect your scalp. I recommend buying a hat made with sun-proofed fabrics.”

Prevent hair damage at the pool and beach

The chlorine in treated pool water can strip the natural oils from your hair, leaving it dry, brittle and porous. This can weaken the strands, dull or stain the color and cause split ends.

“In addition to chlorine, other pool chemicals can cause hair damage, including copper, which is the cause of hair’s green discoloration,” Dr. Tosti says. 

To help prevent this damage, wet your hair with fresh water before you take the first plunge. 

“Entering the pool with wet hair reduces the amount of pool water that can penetrate the hair fibers, reducing damage,” she says.

Do the same at the beach to protect your hair and scalp from sea salt and sandy wind.

“Enter salt water when your hair is already wet, and rinse off after bathing to remove sand and saltwater from your hair,” Dr. Tosti says.

“Never brush or comb hair after swimming in salt water or following exposure to sandy wind, as sand particles cause a lot of friction and damage the hair fibers.”

Put an end to summer frizz.

Of course, humidity is the main reason hair gets frizzy — especially during sticky summer months. “Healthy hair is not frizzy,” Dr. Tosti says. “Frizz happens when hair is already damaged, and the hair fibers absorb the water from the environment.”

She recommends using a leave-in conditioner to reduce this problem.

How often should you wash your hair during the summer?

You may be surprised that washing your hair regularly is actually good for your hair.

According to Dr. Tosti, “Recent data indicate that frequent washing is recommended all year. Wash your hair every day or at least every other day.”

Concerned about your hair damage or loss?

To schedule a consultation with Dr. Tosti, call 305-498-0598.

Dana Kantrowitz is a contributing writer for UHealth’s news service.

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